8 Common Mistakes by Development Business Owners on Websites

Obviously, in this new age of information technology, having a website is important for almost all businesses. However, in general, many business owners of small and medium enterprises (SME’s) have completed their websites and then found them not performing as expected. It is especially common for business owners to set up a website for the first time. Here are 10 common business owners’ mistakes, and how to avoid them.

1. Cut costs and use freelancers. We all know someone, or at least someone who knows someone else who knows a little bit about web programming. However, the job of a complete website is not to handle just one person. You need someone who is creative and has a good sense of design to handle the aesthetic part, and then someone else who has a lack of programming to handle the coding. Overall, you need an experienced coordinator who knows the key elements of the website and suggests the right people for your business. Also, instead of involving a web designer in Singapore, things get easier for both parties, rather than outsourcing a job to a less expensive freelancer based in another country. As the saying goes, don’t be wise, but be a pound fool. In other words, don’t compromise on the quality of your site just to reduce the cost of an e-commerce website.

2. Choice of price based web design company. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person who has just started their own website. There are many elements and services related to web development in Singapore. Initial consultation, number of designs provided, number of reviews allowed, hosting and email package, embedding of website analytics software, submission of website to search engines etc. Therefore, you need to choose your website designer carefully.

3.Write content yourself or write content using your friends or staff. You may swear that you understand your business better than anyone else, but if you are not trained on website content development, you may not realize that these articles play two important roles. Pay The key is to have good content to help your site find search engines. That way, your customer has to plan the keywords they want to find in their website and write them in the contents. Having good copywriters will also increase your chances of selling more, as they can write better and instill an element of trust in your readers and make them want to handle your services.

4. Under using their website capabilities. Because many business owners are not trained in IT (information technology) or have sufficient knowledge in the field of web development, they often limit their website to basic tasks, and forget that they have some of their own. High efficiency can be achieved by incorporating operating requirements into them. Website For a detailed list of web applications, please browse through our website.

5. Focus on website objectives. Before we start developing any website for our clients, we always ask in our questionnaire – what are the goals of the website? More often than not, the goals of many business owners are common. Which is to increase sales. Business owners need to keep this basic goal in mind, and to achieve this goal they have to set the whole web development.

6. Don’t know what a landing page is. The landing page is referenced on the same page in which your web ad leads your browser forward. It does not need to be a home page, although it is possible to improve your home page as a better landing page. Most of the time, sales are based on the first impression of your customers landing on your website. As such, it is important to consider choosing a web design company that understands the importance of a landing page.

7. Not allocating budget for marketing website. This is especially true for people who are new to the site, thinking that visitors or customers will automatically enter their site. These days most website design packages are submitted to search engines as well as meta keywords. However, these are only the basic elements of search engine optimization, and they have minimal impact to increase your visitors.

8. Spending time and / or money experimenting with advertising and marketing. Most business owners, especially small and medium-sized businesses, think they can lower the price and handle their own advertising and promotion. However, there are important lessons to be learned when it comes to driving traffic to a website. With our professional help, clients can focus on their core business and leave the job of getting a return on investment for their advertising campaign.